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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I'm really sick of Fighters and fans who just say "it was a bad matchup"

A well rounded fighter has no bad match-up he can compete anywhere, and a Fighter FIGHTS, there is no need to be ellusive if your opponent it not a threat.
Well I'm really sick of hearing "Silva didn't try", that is a bunch of crap. Could he have done better? Sure, people can always do better, but you make it sound like Silva just WANTS to scrape by, or like he doesn't care what the fans want. You don't know what was going on in the mans head, or what he was feeling that night, so lay off the guy and stop making it seem like Silva is this "repeat offender" who is somehow a sham. Hell, Silva apologized for it not being that exciting, it's not like the guy TRIED to ruin your day.

I get what you and Neezar and the rest of the bandwagon is complaining about, but in all honesty I just think it's a bit unfair to dump it all on Silva. I know you think that because this is MMA that a guy should just be able to fight anywhere and always finish the fight, but that ain't how it works. Just because Silva has a gameplan that YOU don't like to watch does not mean he has to change his gameplan and get knocked out just to appease YOU. Is entertainment a factor in MMA? Of course, but MMA is not going to lose it's rapidly growing fan base just because one of the two fighters was acting like punk and kept dropping to the ground. Nobody has been able to figure Silva out, and now that is his fault. All this crap about not liking his style, and he is not trying hard enough is simply a bunch bullcrap. Silva clearly wanted to fight standing up, and if the rules were meant to cater to ground fighters then they would have let Leites stay on the floor. This is a no brainer.

I am sorry, but that is just stupid. How fitting that Silva wants to Box Roy Jones Jr, because they said the same crap about Roy when he was walking through 3 weight divisions in the 90's. "Oh, his fights aren't entertaining enough" - Yeah, thats because he's just better than everybody they put in front of him. I say wah wah wah boo hoo, if you don't like it don't buy it. It's that simple.

Go back and look at the compustrike numbers and then compare them to some other 5 round fights that we have recently seen go the distance. Yeah, the numbers are low, but Silva still threw roughly 180 strikes, which is right around what Rampage Jackson threw in his fight against Forrest Griffin.

I don't take any issue with people feeling like the fight was not as exciting as they had hoped for, but the major point that seems to have been lost on everybody (especially you Dave) is just that sometimes fights go this way. People have accused A LOT of fighters of having boring fights, including Matt. It's not always because either guy is a "coward" or because they are "fighting not to lose". That is just overly cynical fans acting like they own the company because they spent $50 on PPV.

Neezar, you may be right about Greg Savage's point not applying to the Silva/Leites fight, but what he is saying on a whole DOES. Going back to what you said about watching a "No Hitter"; Even though your friend was bored by watching the no hitter, if they are a fan of baseball then they would respect that what they are seeing is rare it takes a lot of skill to accomplish, regardless if they like that pitcher or not.
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