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Originally Posted by medic92

I have finally managed to reach the place in my career where my wife doesn't have to work if she doesn't want to, and right now she doesn't want to. Maybe it's a little chauvinistic, but I'm about as proud as I can be that I'm finally being the provider I've always wanted to be. Now she's free to pursue activities she actually wants to do rather than sit in an office doing work she doesn't care for. She's going to take some classes on floral design and maybe work in a floral shop to learn the trade. If she wants to.

Congrats!!! It's a good feeling!!

My wife's job was managing 401Ks, Roths and IRAs. It was the only job she had ever had... And when it ended (they gave her a choice of being a teller or cashing out....

She got 6 weeks pay for her vacation.. (even though she had used most of it.. and all her sick time... and 6 weeks severance...

It was a God send cause my daughter had just been born..

It's a little chauvinistic.. sure.. but why not follow tradition.. I love it.. my wife loves it.. and my kids are not in any day care or after school.. my son was bitten and punched while in day car for the first two years.. I hated it.. so did she...

Now if my son gets bitten or punched.. we know it's by his sister...
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