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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Ah cmon, mindblowing he hasnt been but he has still brought it, especially earlier fights such as Haynes, Schafer and the "always tough" Sinoscic.

Jason Day and McCarthy took the killer instinct and he delivered.

whatever can be argued about the Hamill fight, Bisping was up against a big man and he's skills at getting back on his feet was as good as Chuck's. Even if he lost there were some posistives to take from it.

The fight with Rashad bearing in mind where Rashad seats now says a lot about the quality of Bisping. From what i recall he gave Rashad a good run.

Leben was a little disapointing as Bisping was cautious but he fought the right fight and whislt cautious he still done a lot of damage.

So sorry but i dont agree with ya or HughesGoat on this one!!!!

you can still hate him but i think he has proved his mettle.

I truly believe that Hendo is the best man to take Anderson but if Bisping beats him, then who knows!
i don't hate him,if he beats Hendo convincingly, i will be impressed. he isn't beating Silva though.
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