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I don't hate Bisping at all, and to be fair he has fought everyone they've put in front of him. But the Hamill decsion was a joke. Leben was a pretty good test, but if he hadn't just marched forward trying to show off his iron head and stalked Bisping the whole fight that would have been a yawner. Not so sure the win over Capt Miserable is much to hang your hat on, but he did finish him. If the Count beats Hendo then I'll definately give him his props. I don't see it happening but if he does...

As far as his comments about the fight--the heck with the Canadian fans, WE ALL DESERVED BETTER than that 25 minutes of futility that Silva and Leites dishes out. His observations were spot on, and if that's calling out Silva then so be it, more like calling a duck a duck in my eyes. Nice to see him give Chuck some respect.
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