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Originally Posted by NateR
I'm a big fan of Glenn Beck and that's a great video.

One of the biggest problems I see is that the media has brainwashed the majority of people into thinking that the last 8 years under George W. Bush were soooooooo horrible that anything is better by comparison. That's simply not the truth, Bush was a great President and I know that history will vindicate him from the lies of the liberal media.

Of course, "waterboarding" is the big anti-Bush talking point this week; but I have a hard time believing that waterboarding is torture in the true sense of the word.
I do agree with Glenn on a lot of things, I just think sometimes he can be a "dooms day" type person. I also agree that the media has played a huge role in demonizing GWB and glorifying Obama and Obamunism!

And let's see....our interrogators used waterboarding, which does not kill a person, but did get them to talk. And then you have Al Qaeda who did not use any interrogation but just simply cut the person/persons head off. But, you don't see much of that on TV any more, do you?

At the moment, the media is enjoying this "flash in the pan" liberal governement. But just like the video, I hope the people of this country see around the media twist, wake up, and start to realize just where this administration is taking this country!
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