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Originally Posted by NateR
While obviously slavery was bad, I wouldn't say that the South was completely wrong. In fact, many leaders in the South were preparing for the abolition of slavery long before the war. It was considered just a matter of time. What really set the process back was Darwin's book The Origin of Species. After that was published, there was suddenly a scientific endorsement of slavery and racism and that destroyed much of the progress that the Abolitionists had made up to that point.

What the Civil War was really fought over was State's rights, not slavery. They didn't want a strong centralized federal government, they wanted each individual state to be it's own center of power. And if you watch what's happened since the Civil War ended, you can kind of understand why the South feared a strong centralized government.

Putting the issue of slavery aside (since it wasn't what the war was fought over), you could almost say that we might be a lot better off if the South had won the war. We definitely wouldn't have this problem that we have today of a federal government that's just grasping for more and more power like a kid in a candy store.

Did you know that the new Homeland Security thing mentions favoring local or state law over Federal as an issue? So, they are definitely thinking about it now.

p.s. Everybody should read the Real Lincoln.
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