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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Rashad is a top competitor in the UFC and is the reigning champion in the LHW division. He is allowed to express his opinion, and the wording he used was not nearly as insulting as you are making it out to be. He did not say "Chuck lied" and he is "crap fighter", but thats how you are going to take it because you already don't like the guy.
Dude its got nothing to do with me not liking the guy, I don't hate on anyone unless they give me a reason to. I wasn't quoting Rashad I was reading between the lines and thats exactly what he was implying. Some of you guys just don't see it that way and are giving Rashad way too much credit.

Fair enough.

I actually disagree with people saying Chuck looked no different in this fight, his footwork looked better and his left hand was higher than usual, its just a pity his forgot to keep his right hand up! I do sadly agree though, he has not evolved enough to compete at the top level any more and physically his best days are behind him.

But what a legend he is.
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