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Originally Posted by Tyburn
well...he ran out of money when he went through France. He lived so lavishly, dispite having wealth, he kinda ran out...and the Church had money....and...well....Henry wanted the money.

Henry in later years liked falconry ( he liked Birds )

I'm not sure how the Cloth of Gold pact went wrong in Europe

How come you know so much about Henry anyway
I'm a bit of a history buff...

America is very young so it's history is pretty limited. But Europe, Asia and even the middleeast which is a section that with the exception of Israel I wouldn't mind being whiped from the earth, have such a rich history full of interesting characters and people who single handedly changed the course of the world.

I've always had great respect for the British because of how tough they tend to be.

From that island they ruled 1/3 the world. Incredible.
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