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Did you know that King Henry had installed in his privy lodging, a Chapel.

Did you know that out of all he did, when he was at his Palace (Hampton Court...its still around today) He would always attend Evensong...Infact it was so well known that, its where everyone went to find him, because they knew he'd be there

So after Evensong everyday there were be loads of people waiting outside the chapel for him

I was like that at Saint Paul's...I could be anywhere during the day...but you were guarenteed to find me at Saint Paul's Cathedral for could know you would catch me there if nowhere else.

The Court had a huge room, called "the watching room" and basically it was the room which had a door into the Kings Privy. So...people would know that he had to come out, or go in through that door...and they would watch to see when he made an appearence

He was so completely up-himself...even by Royal Standards
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