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Default 500 years ago today, an Event Changed the World

That Event was the Coronation, of His Majesty King Henry The Eighth.

King Henry would begin his Reign as a young Prince who loved music, loved sport, was devoutly Roman Catholic (Indeed refered to by The Pope as "Defender of The Faith) A King who would reclaim much of France, and who would settle the first Major Peace Pact of Europe at "Cloth of Gold"

King Henry would grow up however, to become power hungry, paranoid, send the nation into near bankruptcy, and leave the Nation with a male heir after going though NINE wives, who was so frail, he bearly lasted a jot on the Throne. A man who out of sheer selfishness would distroy the grip of Rome in much of Northern Europe, and as a by product through generations, much of the world, by Establishing for himself the Unification of Church and State under Anglicanism (The Church of England) Which through the next four or five Monarchs would cause the deaths of countless Roman Catholics and Protestant Anglicans depending on the denomination of the Monarch before Elizabeth The First finally put Rome firmly back on Italian Soil.
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