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Originally Posted by Buc Nasty
He also said Chuck lied and is a crap fighter. He said Chuck got so bad so quickly he must have a medical problem. How is that anything other than an insult? Plus, even if Chuck didn't train any differently, since when is it Rashad's place to run his mouth about it to the public? I don't see why Chuck and his camp would lie about it when we were going to see him fight anyway. I thought he was definately keeping his left hand higher than usual but not everyone seems to agree.
Rashad is a top competitor in the UFC and is the reigning champion in the LHW division. He is allowed to express his opinion, and the wording he used was not nearly as insulting as you are making it out to be. He did not say "Chuck lied" and he is "crap fighter", but thats how you are going to take it because you already don't like the guy.

Chuck looked the same as he always has, and it's obvious that's not working for him anymore. Getting KO'd like that over and over does say something about his health as a fighter. The body can only take so much, and Rashad realizes that like every other fighter does. Pride makes it hard to walk away sometimes, but when your time has come, that is it. Rashad obviously respects Chuck, as he has said it many times in interviews, but it's also hard for fighters to watch guys who used to be on top get old and have their skills diminish. It reminds them that it's gonna be them one day.

I don't think Rashad meant any ill will towards Chuck at all. He just spoke what he feels to be truth, and as I pointed out before, I think it's funny that the site that actually did the interview in question had a much less hostile headline for the story than MMA News gave it. Seems like a loaded headline designed to spark a war of words when Rashad was just giving a simple comment.

Regardless, if somebody told Evans that Liddell was not really training, or working on a new gameplan, or whatever, I don't think he is out of line to comment on it after what we saw happen to Chuck. Besides, wasn't it just a week or two ago that there was some scandal with Chuck and a pornstar and Chuck canceling his engagment? Not saying that it means anything for sure, but its not outside the box to think that Chuck is just not in a place right now where he should be competing.
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