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I agree with what he said about his training for this fight as a "front". Chuck has been training his style for so long it would be very hard to stop his usually style train for three months and change everything. He got knocked out again because his hands were in horrible position. Sure in his prime Chuck had better, faster footwork that allowed him to cut angles that reduced the chance that he was going to take a punch flush.

I was really hoping that Chuck would take to this training, and have a more typical boxing stance with his hands held high. As soon as the start fighted it was the same old Chuck, hands got wide, over extending himself with his strikes, charging into his opponent.

I wouldn't have enough knowledge in this but it is my opinion that Chuck should have made a move to another another camp after the Jardine fight. How many other fighters does the Pit have in the UFC? None. Who does Chuck train with that can push him? Part of what keeps Randy young is all of the top talent in his gym. Randy also brings in other fighters to train with him for a fight and prepare him. I am not trying to be a dick, but it seems that the fighters and their ability in the Octagon have passed up Chuck and the Pit.

It is to bad I really like watching Chuck fight, but I certainly don't believe that he should be regulated to gate keeper of the division. If he wants to keep fighting, maybe he should start searching for another organization.

Does anyone really want to see Chuck Liddell verse Mark Coleman?

Rashad should just shut his mouth. He may have stated the truth in some regards, but it was disrespectful. Rashad may hold the belt but the only reason anyone knows that Rashad is a title holder in this little thing called the UFC is because of guys like Liddell, Couture, Hughes, and Franklin. These are the guys that went through the grind to put this sport in the U.S on the map.
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