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Chris F
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Originally Posted by adamt
while we are talking about it, can someone please explain people's rage against welfare and medicare, but not the school system?

I'm tired of paying for a school system for other people's kids. I don't have kids in school, why should my taxes be paying for it. In fact the schools are so bad, i won't be sending my kids to them anyways.

So as far as i am concerned the school system is one giant welfare system too. People should pay for their kids educations. Actually I understand helping with food and health, but education is not a right, in anyone's interpretation.
I agree. I am against Public schools as well and I think parents should be charged tuition for the use of them. That way only the people using them pay for it. Truth is most taxes paid for schools do not come from the majority using the service. And you are right on a federal level education is not a right, however state levels almost ever state has it as a constitutional right that is why there a schools at the jails.
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