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I think its almost a civic duty to question the authorities of local,state,and Presidental powers. If u don't question or ask why,then u start to lose what made US what it is,a democracy. I think we've let the Presidents,CEO's off the hook for way too long. I think we have our priorities way out of sink and we have every right to question why.
I agree you have draw a line between a personal and a professional attack on anyone. I'm not so into politics to what proper channels to take to voice my opinions(maybe some peeps can post stuff like that). I think the lines of communication from Joe public to President is skewed that we can't communicate other than protests/demostrations.
I would like to see more 'Community Debates' from the President/Vice President. IF the President(any,Rep/Dem) really cared what the people think,he would do these every month.
I voted Obama,but I don't agree with everything he did/doing/or gonna do. I just voted for the lesser of two evils. Will Obama be a great as his speeches,NO,will he be worse than Bush,I hope not though only time will tell.
No matter if u voted for him or not,ya gotta back him and hope he can get the country at least rolling in the right direction...
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