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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Thats the thing i hate because fighting is and should be the ultimate form of humility. I mean if i am cocky and arrogant there is no better remedy than getting your ass whupped. What can you say?! But thats why Browning and others like him are such idiots. They can't even take their beatings and learn from it. Like even people like Melvin Guillard if i remember correctly on TUF 2 learnt his place and knew after getting beat, he had to reign it in.

Yeah that Lester was an idiot, Sure, he deserved to go through because what happens happens but to show off about it and act alll big betrays him as a classless fool.

Ha ha well i like the ginger haired lad with the big hair. Now Junie is gone everyone seems quite cool but im not keen on Demarques and he looks dangerous as well.

I know ya'll will win it, but as long as we fight hard and have at least one in the semi final, then ill be happy!
yes, he's fascinating isnt he! and a bit of a pottymouth!

I like Jason Dent aswell...but thats coz ive already heard of him way before TUF
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