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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Caught the third episode today and I'm glad Browning got taken out. Worst thing is that it won't humble him.

Hopefullly with him gone, everyone else will act decent.

See there are times i cringe a little bit at with Bisping but most of time , i think he his having a bit of banter. Earlier on him and Hendo seem to get on alright.

He openly said he likes that sorta stuff and wants more of it. I dont think he is doing it to be a complete tool.

I wanted keil Reid to go through, he waas unlucky but it is all part of it the game. That Lester annoyed me the way he celebrated like he'd put in a great performance.
Humble him? I don't think him or his brother have gotten that far in the alphabet yet, Jonlion. Did you hear what he told Dana as he was walking out, "135 here I come." I'm just so glad he's gone; I don't think I could have watched it if he was staying.

I hated that Kiel/Keil (sp?) knocked himself out. That Lester guy annoyed the **** out of me too. He's now on my hit list. He acted like he won the fight due to something he did.

So, which of the American fighters do you like to beat those funny-speaking fellows?
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