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Originally Posted by Max
Why speak up if you are Anderson? No matter what he says people, like Dave, are going to bash him. Why bash Leites, if he does that people, like Dave, are going to say he is just trying to pass blame. He does not feel like he needs to defend himself because he feels like he did nothing wrong. He fought like he always does, he took the openings his opponent gave him and did not make any major mistakes.

I'm not talking about him "bashing" Leites. Telling the truth is hardly bashing someone. It was great that Chuck spoke up, but I just think it would have benefited Anderson more (PR wise) if "he" had said basically what Chuck did.

I see where you and JB are coming from with Anderson's gameplan, etc... and, like I've said I was more frustrated with Leites than Anderson. But, I see some of Dave's points also. As a fan (yes who paid money to see this fight and Chuck's mainly) I was disappointed in this fight. For me, it's not like what JB is saying that I have to have violence/blood...I just want to see a "good" fight with both opponents giving it there all especially for a championship fight with the title on the line. I think that is basically what Dave is saying as well (just with a lot more words, of course ).

I just thought we were going to see Anderson "challenged", but I guess their fighting styles were just too polar opposite for that ever to happen.
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