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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Has Anderson commented yet on Leites performance during the fight?

I agree we can't blame Anderson for what Leites did/didn't do and if it was frustrating for us to watch Leites lie on his back most of the fight, I can only imagine how much more frustrating it was for Anderson. I just think it's curious that he hasn't (that I know of) commented on this. He just keeps saying he executed his plan and did what he planned to do.

I just think it's weird, about Leites, this was his chance to get the title, to beat the "spider", the best pfp fighter out there, to make history for himself. Something just isn't adding up here.

Btw, I think it would have been to Anderson's benefit to speak up for himself during the press conference like Chuck and his guy did... "there wasn't much I could do with someone who didn't want to stay on his feet and fight me and I wasn't going to the ground, that wasn't my gameplan."

So, what's next, we have to wait for GSP before Anderson is "challenged" again? And, how does it help the middleweight division for Anderson to go up to 205?
Why speak up if you are Anderson? No matter what he says people, like Dave, are going to bash him. Why bash Leites, if he does that people, like Dave, are going to say he is just trying to pass blame. He does not feel like he needs to defend himself because he feels like he did nothing wrong. He fought like he always does, he took the openings his opponent gave him and did not make any major mistakes.
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