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Jason MacDonald vs. Nate Quarry
Round 1
They briefly trade in the middle before MacDonald takes Quarry to the cage and ducks for a single. Quarry counters the takedown and lands in MacDonald's half guard. MacDonald avoids some elbows from top but eats a few. MacDonald is tying Quarry up but gets cut on the forehead by an elbow. GNP by Quarry and MacDonald is busted up. Quarry is relentless in his attack, forcing referee Mario Yamasaki to halt the fight at 2:27 of round one for a TKO victory.

Denis Kang vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam
Round 1
Foupa-Pokam comes in with a jumping left knee to the body, then a left high kick and knee. Foupa-Pokam tries a low kick and Kang shoots in to take him down. Kang is looking to pass and attempts an arm triangle choke, but Foupa-Pokam gets to his feet. A knee and a left straight from Foupa-Pokam and Kang retaliates with a one-two. A Foupa-Pokam low kick spins Kang around, and he grazes Kang's head with a kick and then a spinning-back kick that misses its mark. Kang shoots and gets the takedown, where he moves to side control and delivers some elbows. Kang looked to snatch an armbar but Foupa-Pokam avoids as the round ends. 10-9 Kang.

Round 2
They dance in the middle for a minute before Foupa-Pokam steps forward and they trade straight rights against the cage. Kicks by Foupa-Pokam and Kang takes him down. Kang in half guard then moves to side and drops some hard elbows to the face. Some more short elbows and the crowd is restless. They scramble and Foupa-Pokam gets to his feet when Kang goes for a single and Foupa-Pokam uses a knee to escape. Before the bell, Foupa-Pokam rests his hands on his knees and looks very tired. 10-9 Kang.

Round 3
Body shot by Kang and they circle as the crowd boos fir action. Kang tries another body shot but Foupa-Pokam counters with a knee. Double-leg takedown by Kang and he's looking for a kimura, but gives up and moves into side. Kang setting up for another kimura then drops two hard elbows to de face. Foupa-Pokam reverses and gets on top but Kang escapes back to top again, chipping away with short punches and elbows. Kang briefly gets mount before Foupa-Pokam rolls out. 10-9 Kang

All three official judges see the contest 30-27 for Denis Kang.
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