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Originally Posted by Straight Right
I disagree, I like GSP just fine but Silva is a HUGE middle-weight and looks as big as most 205'ers just walking around. While GSP is a very big welterweight, I just see the size disparity as a huge obstacle for him. When two guys have similar skill sets the bigger guy does have the advantage. I do think that GSP could probably get the take down, but then what? Hell, Hendo couldn't do anything when he got Silva down, what makes you think GSP is going to be able to do better?

Since they will never fight, its a moot point but I do think that Machida would be a very interesting match up for Silva.
i am not sold on Machida, if he beats rashad, which i don't think he will, then maybe .. but i put rashad, rampage above machida ... right now i think silva beats machida
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