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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
Im at odds with this guy even saying that type of stuff..To even hint of leaving the Union is kindof 'treason' talk to me and honestly some type of action needs to be taken. You just don't talk about it or even hint about taking ur state and leaving the union....If he has strong views on the current administration say them,but don't take it to that extreme.
If we were to go back to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, then Obama would be the one guilty of treason.

It's kind of funny, when there's a Republican President, the liberals believe that publicly opposing the government is the purest form of patriotism. However, when the liberals are in charge, then any difference of opinion with the liberal agenda is attacked fiercely and those who protest the government are seen as traitors or unpatriotic.

Which tells me that the liberals are only interested in power, nothing else.
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