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Originally Posted by NateR
Wrong, 52% of the people who voted, 66 million people total, voted for Obama. There are an estimated 303 million Americans alive today. Meaning that only 21.7% of the American population voted for Obama. The other 78.3% either voted for someone else or didn't vote at all.

I don't wanna go into this politics stuff as everyone is so fierce to defend their position...when I first heard this, I said 'Trader' boot is ass out of the office. If hes got issues with current policies,voice them to the president man to man,don't threaten or even hint about leaving the Union. I think this is serious enough issue whether he meant it or not,to have a sit down w/Obama and speak his mind...
I mean is it okay for the previous regime to put us in this mess and its a pretty serious mess. So, its taking serious actions to fix whether we like them or not. We may not agree on how hes getting there,as long as he and we can get there..
I don't wanna go back to buisness as usual when a Republican gets back in office we just can't afford to do it..I don't personally agree with deregulate everything with no accountability someones gotta be,and it seems we've gotten away with no accountability for too long....anywho,getting off topic..
O,wait if Texas breaks away that means NO MORE COWBOYS FOOTBALL,WOOOT!!!!! Get Lost Texas!!!! Take George Bush's with ya That means we could invade Texas for the 'OIL',err we could invade them to say we are trying to preserve our Union,but really do it for the OIL

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