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Finally got to watch my dvr'd delayed episode. While I'm not as excited as past seasons, I'm still in and going to watch this season. Despite all the made up drama in the house the fights are still usually pretty good.

I have to agree with the comments about Dana, he's a walking contradiction sometimes. He says he doesn't want his fighters to be seen as thugs and doesn't want A-holes representing the sport but then openly brings in a guy like Rob Browning. Now I understand that he was an alternate, and guys like that supposedly make good TV, but honestly there were NO other real 155 pounders that could have stepped in?

The MFS guy that knocked himself out, I was kind of rooting for him, but those are the breaks. Don't face-plant yourself when you power slam somebody and that won't happen. I do hope his shoulder isn't too messed up, they did show him in a sling in his post fight interview. Lester, the guy that beat him appears to be all stand up, despite that kimura, not sure how long he'll last.

As for Bisping, I do think he is a little nervous and just posturing and stirring up crap to try and get some guys off their game. Apparently its working. I don't think that its going to get Hendo off his game and Bisping is going to find out what its like to step up a level in competition when they fight. I think Dan is going to give him a savage beatdown.

As for the show, I think that Ross Pearson and Dave Faulkner are going to go the farthest for the UK and the US I think Mark Miller and Damarques Johnson (I don't particularly like the guy but he's got that killer instinct and just looks dangerous) are going to get to the end.
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