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heh, religion is a touchy subject to discuss and it gets people rawled up. I do think Obama should be a little more intouch with 'religious' attitude of the nation..I don't consider America a Christin nation,but a nation of many faiths under one 'Flag'. I think we need to be more about our country than about our faith as a 'country'. Its fine and dandy whatever religion u believe as long as ur one goal is the success of the country u reside in.
Wasn't our four fathers kindof opposed of having/labeling America as a Christian nation that it should be seperated as such?
I'll just say this I'm not religious at all and I personally have no issue with 'under god' or anyof that stuff on our money or saying it in the Pledge of the Alligance..I think I'm pretty open to where and when religion should be used.
Im more upset with Obama and the 'fanatical racist preacher' than anything else.
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