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Originally Posted by NateR
I don't think anyone in Texas wants to secede from the Union, however they might have no other choice if they want to defend their freedoms against the socialist Corruptocrats in power right now.

I think the Obama administration should see this as a wake up call, meaning that we, the American people, are not powerless and are not just going to sit here idly while the liberals strip us of our freedoms and taxes us into bankruptcy. Obama needs to realize that having 52% of the American population vote for him is not a mandate from the masses to do whatever he likes. We, the people of America, are still in charge. Obama is our employee, not our dictator, so he needs to slow down and start listening to us.

Anyways, if Texas does secede, then I'll be happy to move down there. Better to be hungry and free than Obama's fat slave.
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