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Originally Posted by atomdanger
How is it just propaganda?
(for the record, the city you listed has a pop under 2 million,
so you're saying the outlying cities have over 9?)

Just because those people "fit" there, doesn't mean they aren't hurting the earth.
Is your argument that a city that size is doing no damage to the planet?

Or what did you think over population meant?

Feel free to find a clean city of any decent size.
Large populations cause a lot of pollution, a lot of waste, and a lot of problems.
People, all over the world need to take better care of where we live.
I agree that the problem is with cities. If you notice, not only is the pollution level higher, but the quality of life is generally lower and the crime rate is astronomically high compared to rural areas.

When I took Sociology in college, we learned about how living in modern cities actually makes people less civilized than the tribal cultures from thousands of years ago.
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