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I must have seen the news report the same time you did. I can't believe someone who already has 6 kids wanted more. The news report said she lives at her parents house in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. it sounds to me like she is doing it for the welfare checks!! I would understand if you were rich wanting to have so many kids but how could a normal family afford to give 6 kids what they need (education) much less 14 kids! It said she was taking fertility treatments to get pregnant this time. I wonder if her parents knew that even though she had 6 kids already she was taking fertility drugs to get pregnant again.

Let look at the positive side for her. all the publicity will probably get her free stuff for their lifetime. hopefully scholarships for them one day.

i was trying for one (with no fertility) and had 2, I knew it may happen again so I got my tubes tied. I didn't want to have twins or more the next time!!

Oh and I spit water out when I read the clown car comment!!
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