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I wouldnt say that Obama has much to do with this. First of all America itself stands Right of Centre, and its always a fine line in holding strong beliefs, that you might accidently take them to far.

Now your in hard times, and people need belief more then ever to pull them through. Most people will not be nationalistic on their own...but there are a few who are extremely radical, who will see this as their chance to use the current climate as an excuse.

The British Nationalist Party is up to its old tricks again. Half the problem with these Nationalistic groups is they CAUSE the division in the first place. Bradford is usually peacful until the BNP say something contriversail deliberatley to cause a row with those seen as Islamic...and suddenly, as soon as Islam replies...the BNP claims that this is proof of its initial claims.

I even know that there is a group of Mixed Martial Artists based on a White Supremacy Brotherhood...I forget what the name of the gym is, and I'm in two minds as to whether its just a peaceful protest, or whether those people would fund, campaign, or support the guys who actually act on their beliefs in this manner.

It was on a documentary I watched a while back, I meant to mention it at the time, but I've forgotten all about it. Gym members take up to two years to actually be inducted into the brotherhood...and then out they go to plant gyms in different areas with the idea of building up the same. Simply put, they use Mixed Martial Arts for properganda purposes...the gym is designed to lure in the unsuspected athlete...and thats when the conditioning begins
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