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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
San Diego's passing game is good, but Arizona is much better. The Cards defense is also playing great right now and I think they have a great shot at shutting Pittsburgh down.

You are right, the dream season will end, but it's gonna end with a championship.
the thing that people are overlooking and that is extremely impressive is this:

Arizona had the number 2 passing offense in the league but had the worst rushing offense too. teams knew they were going to pass because they couldn't run. Arizona was still able to pas. now in the playoffs, they can run it. teams won't know what to do because the Cards are a threat to run it.

and their defense has been looking like the '47 Cardinals. regular season they sucked for sure but in the playoffs, they are a different defense. hopefully they will have their 2 starting DE's in the SB? if not, obviously that favors Pitt running it.
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