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I play....get ready this list is long....

The violin = I started this at age 8, was trained in Classical Suzuki method, played in the Kennedy Center for 4 straight years, was concert mistress in middle and high school, played in Disney World, was Jr. and Sr. Regional and All County member, and went to States for 3 years in high school. I was also nationally ranked in high school It has it's own resume, seriously....I won't get into the rest....

The viola = I only started playing this to fill out a trio and quartet in high school. We played on street corners in Alexandria for money and for weddings and other special occassions.

The guitar = I write my songs on with this help.

Bass guitar = I'll occassionally just jam with my lil brother to give him some base chords and a basis to work on.

Dolcimer = I bought one last summer, rarely play

Mandalin = it's a sideways violin, so i know how to play, just need to buy one.

I've always LOVED music. I listen to it everyday, and usually sing in the car, even tho I don't think i can sing that well, too shy anyway. I don't play the violin much anymore, my old instructor passed on a year ago and it just doesn't feel right playing it without her around. Maybe I'll break it out again when I have a reason to. I taught violin and viola lessons there for awhile, but my specialty is FIDDLING and bluegrass. That's where it's at
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