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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Philadelphia to Chicago by plane.

I was escorted from Chicago Airport by Car to Hillsboro by a Member of your Department of Defense and Former US Marine...actually let me say the 5 hours I spent with him (apart from the car when we got back in from our motorway stop) was so much nicer then the five mins I spent with the Customs Official in Philadelphia...I had wondered why they needed to remind people on little plagues that it is a felloney offense (whatever that means, but it sounded painful so I assumed it was uber bad) to assult a customs official

When I left the booth I could see why such a sign was called for

btw...I only visit the nice parts of any country, and only associate with the very best that country has to offer
Okay so Boomer drove you from point A to point B, no need for the gay overdescription

Seriously, America is not NEARLY as friendly as visiting Hilsboro miight have you believe.
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