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Originally Posted by Max
I agree that the Cards are a better team than they were last year I just dont think the Steelers will make the same mistakes they made last year.

As for what you said in your other post.

In 2 of the 4 games the Steelers lost they gave up more than 200 yards passing (Collins - 215 and Manning 240)

As for the turnovers, if you take away that game where J. Delhomme went color blind and thought his team was wearing red the Steelers and Cards have forced the same amount of turnovers.

In the end the Steelers will prove they are the better team and will get number 6
i was talking TD passes for the most part. TD's are what killed them, not the yardage. they also distributed the ball well, not giving it to one or two guys. Steelers can't blitz like they want with Boldin and Fitzgerald IMO. they also have Breaston who is way underrated. as long as Arizona goes 4 and 5 wide, Pitt will have to show who's blitzing or just flat out not blitz.

they can't double Boldin and Fitz and then blitz. they can double one but not the other. they can't cover them one on one for damn sure. Pitt is gonna have to play more coverage and suck it up. don't force the blitz because Warner will shred them like he did the Eagles. the same Eagles who sacked Roethlisberger 9 times. the same Eagles who probably blitz more than Pitt, LOL.

as for the Panthers game, if you took away individual game statistics from every team, most teams would have similar stats. the point is they got the turnovers. if Flacco didn't throw that pick in the 4th quarter or the other ones early on, maybe the Steelers don't win, see what i mean?

the Cards are playing on defense like the Colts when they won the SB.
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