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Originally Posted by kyle
Well actually JB, NATE is pretty much on here. There was a BAN on international groups that perform abortion and the prez came into office and reverse it. Now it's almost 1/2billion we send over sea's and it is suppose to cover family health care and help those with AIDS/HIV and have clinics. but you know what, a lot of people who are sick, like children and others that might need help, will not get. So some of this money will go to the abortions. yeah it may not go directly, but with him lifting the ban.....means he is still funding abortions in other countries or else he would have left that ban and kept funding the family health care and that's not a game we give them 460 million a year and not everyone is going to get the treatment they may need.
No. That is simply political pandering. I realize what the ban was, and what Obama did. I did not vote for Obama either, but to say outright that he is sending money overseas to perform abortions is misleading. I am adamantly opposed to abortion, but I don't think we should be misleading about what is going on.
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