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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
That leaves you with two options:

1) You say your in laws are stupid/crazy (that's dangerous)
2) You say that Mark was the jerk who wouldn't sign an autograph (that's suicide!)

option #1--- you have no idea how right you are! I was just thrilled they remembered i was a hughes fan!

option #2---- I wouldn't say anything mean like that, but I'm way up here in iowa and i doubt mark would be stupid enough to come get me, he would figure I am getting punished enough with 2 foot of snow and subzero temps

oh well, i'm still hoping one day matt gets a deer small enough he lets me mount it for him LOL I'll get his autograph then Or maybe I could interest him in some prime pheasant hunting next fall, if he's in central iowa. I know them illini think they got as good of deer hunting as us hawkeyes but they surely can't claim they got the birds that we do I'll trade a limit of roosters for his autograph---- well, let me rephrase that I'll give him a chance at a limit----- if he can hit 'em.
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