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Oatmeal (whole rolled oats) with sliced almonds & protein powder, or eggs/egg whites with whole grain toast, & OJ

Snack Cliff Builder bar or similar (20g of protein) Skim milk

Turkey Sandwich on flaxseed whole grain bread, lettuce, tomato, mustard
V8 w/supergreens powder mixed in

hand full of nuts (usually almonds) Jumbo red raisins

Protein shake, w/unsweetend almond milk (only 40 calories a serving), banana, blueberries, and non-fat or greek-style yogurt

Lean meat, bison, beef, pork, chicken etc. brown rice or yams/sweet potatoes and a veggie like steamed broccoli

Supplements: Universal animan pak vitamin, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and wild salmon oil (different oil with each meal)

post-work out drink Universal Torrent

Stay healthy everyone, here's to a great 2009, you're off to a good start mikthehick, keep it up
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