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Originally Posted by Chris F
My MY aren't we naive of the political process. Why should ones choice be protected by laws. Next all fat people should get free gym memberships because they are discriminated against. Or how about we federally protect all lazy people by giving them a paycheck for doing nothing. Wait we already do that never mind.

Homosexulaity is a choice. They have no right to have additional protection that every other citizen does not have. That is insane.
Thats exactly the problem, you are incapable of seeing it for what it is without spinning it into a "where does it end" scenario. That is no different than what far left loons did for eight years. Also, you have no basis to call me naive of the political process. Every point I have raised is completely valid.

We already have laws on the books that distinguish hate crimes. The reason we have those is to deter crazy people from going out and hurting people solely based on race, religion, etc. Those laws should include homosexual people. Religion is a choice too, but we protect that under hate crimes laws. It only makes sense.

You can sit and make hypothetical arguments about what COULD happen if the bill was misused, but it does not change the fact that having homosexuals included in the hate crimes laws is fundamentaly the right thing to do. This is not on the same level as gay marriage. This is a pretty black and white issue. We should not tolerate people acting out violently against other people solely based on bigotry and hatred, no matter what group is targeted. Stiff laws should be in place to deter such behavior, and since a lot of that has happened to homosexuals over the years it only makes sense that we should include them in those laws.

If you believe that allowing that to be law is going be the end of Church as we know it in America then you are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree.
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