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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Allowing those kind of people to do that is just wrong, no matter what the constitution says. The founding fathers may have wanted everybody to be able to speak their mind freely, but I am almost sure our Father in Heaven would not mind if we made some heathens and false prophets shut their mouths from time to time.
There are plenty of things that the people of that area can do to shut up the Westboro Church. I just don't want the Federal government getting involved. It's a local matter that should be dealt with locally.

The Constitution is only meant to restrict the Federal government. There is nothing that says that a neighborhood or a family must respect someone's Freedom of Speech.

I've heard of biker gangs who surround the Westboro protests and rev their motors so that no one can hear them. That's perfectly legal. As would be pelting them with rotten fruit, eggs or paint.
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