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Chris F
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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
What is your point?

It's still completely hypothetical to assume that this bill is going to be used to shut down Churches for simply preaching against homosexuality in their Church. Show me some links to where pastors have been arrested for peacefully preaching the gospel in their church, because I have never heard of that.

It's easy to understand why we have laws on the books that define hate crimes and dish out suitable punishments for them. It's also easy to understand why homosexuals should be included in that definition. Arguing about hidden agendas that may or may not exist is just silly. It's the same type of argument people used against George W. Bush time and time again. If something makes sense to do we should not be worried about fighting against it under "hypothetical" pretenses simply because we don't always like the political side of the spectrum it comes from.
My MY aren't we naive of the political process. Why should ones choice be protected by laws. Next all fat people should get free gym memberships because they are discriminated against. Or how about we federally protect all lazy people by giving them a paycheck for doing nothing. Wait we already do that never mind.

Homosexulaity is a choice. They have no right to have additional protection that every other citizen does not have. That is insane.
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