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Originally Posted by NateR
Those people are despicable. They're heretics and have no knowledge of Christianity.

HOWEVER, if we pass laws that can silence one church, then it's just a matter of time before that same law will be used to silence all churches.

The government has no right to step in and censor anybody no matter how hateful their speech is. That's why the KKK is still allowed to congregate.

In the case of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting soldiers' funerals, just have the police turn their backs and lets the soldier's family members and veterans groups in the area take care of them. There's nothing unconstitutional about that.

Allowing the government the ability to legislate what speech is protected under Freedom of Speech and what isn't, is essentially erasing Freedom of Speech completely.

Thats the catch, we never silenced their church, and I agree that we cannot just take their right to speak their opinion away. However, in cases were they are causing a public commotion with a negative and hateful overtone then we should be able to force them to disperse.

Allowing those kind of people to do that is just wrong, no matter what the constitution says. The founding fathers may have wanted everybody to be able to speak their mind freely, but I am almost sure our Father in Heaven would not mind if we made some heathens and false prophets shut their mouths from time to time.
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