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Originally Posted by NateR

This is the big liberal thing now to declare anyone who opposes their legislation as conspiracy theorists. It's a dishonest accusation and I thought someone like you would be too smart to stoop to those tactics.

Clearly you are a Christian who is afraid to take his head out of the sand.

You act like Satan is not actively and relentlessly trying to destroy Christianity. Also, if you read about how these kinds of laws are being enforced in other countries, it's clear that you have no idea what you are talking about.
You do sound like a conspiracy theorist. Sorry. Don't act like I am doing the "big liberal thing" by saying it either. I have watched you do it on this forum to others, and I have done it too.

Afraid to take my head out of the sand? I think not. I am just not as pessimistic as you are when it comes to every single thing that Obama or liberals support. You will pick anything apart in debate if it comes from the other side. There is very little sway with you.

I know damn well that Satan is real and working his powers, you can see him and hear him in this world everyday. However, that was not what we are talking about. We were talking about freedom of speech in the USA, not any other countries either.

Tell me again because I know it has been discussed but I forget, what was your stance on the people from Westboro Baptist Church?
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