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Originally Posted by NateR
That's just what the liberals want you to think.

Honestly, if you really believe that the left-wing Liberals are NOT going to try to use this to shut down churches that take a stand against homosexuality, then you are really fooling yourself.
Seriously Nate, let's not go down the road of conspiracy theories. It starts sounding as loony as the far-left zealots who say Bush planned 9/11.

When you actually look at what act is going to do it is CLEAR that it will in no way effect people's right to free speech. What it mainly does is extend the CURRENT hate crime laws we already have to include crimes aimed at people because of their gender or sexual orientation, and it puts more money into research and data collecting on those crimes. That's it. Besides, it's not like this is new info. This has been in the works for about 10 years.

This is NOT a free speech issue.
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