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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
the post right under yours Obama was called a "killer"
i agree, it is a moral wrong .. and he will have to answer, but back on topic, about libel and slander, it seems on here that obama is fair game for all types of comments, but the minute i say stuff about dubya, (whom i really don't have anything against, most of the stuff i say is to prove a point) ... things go off the deep end
Oh ok, I missed that. Yeah, good point, Preach's statement was an example of what I was talking about. I'd say it was overlooked by Nate because he wasn't arguing with Preach. Sometimes, it's easy to get zoned in on just 1 person. Look at our posts for example, lol

Anyways, what was stated on the front was only a point about hypocrisy of Obama. He's in a nice cozy White House talking about how people should make sacrifices of comfort for the better of everybody, but he isn't doing it himself. It's more like Jon Lion's father said, "Do as i say, not as i do!"
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