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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Yeah, that was just wrong on so many points. It's great he's back on the show, but IMO, he didn't earn it by getting pounded in the fetal position for 2 minutes.

1)I'm sure Bisping had the option to go to the Americans' matches, but maybe decided not to for some reason.

2)From the way it looks, the Brits are going to kill the Americans anyways. Even the ones who didn't make the show are WAY more prepared than the American fighters. It happens every season on TUF, but didn't see that with the Brits. I know it's a small population, but it seems that Brits have a more disciplined work ethic than Americans - at least maybe when it comes to combat sports. Of course, if one were to look at Ricky Hatton, his drinking would come to mind, lol
1) If that be the case, he's even more stupid then he looks

2) See I'm not falling for that trick...the editors made it look like the Americans were a load of dumbasses...but thats only because they made a spectical out of the guy who fainted, the guy who got herpes, and the guy who didnt make weight. Two were they dont even count...after the guy who fainted...what else made it look like the Americans were any worse then the British...

If you ask had a winner with Mr Lowe...who Mazzagati sacrificed on demand to a guy with a brain issue...I'm not even sure a guy whose had brain surgery should EVER be fighting again
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