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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Yeah, and then that kid won the next round. Pretty f'ed up for the guy who dominated that first round.
Well isnt it strange how the guy who won was the guy with the brain aneyerism? Dana Whites Favourite who reapplied after the second season! I dont mean to be harsh...but why should he be given special treatment to get into the house for recovering from an injury!

Sorry but Mazzagati just acted SO politically it was unbelievable...TWO mins of unanswered Ground and Pound...and the best he can do is warn Lowe about blows to the back of the head??

I'm dissapointed in TUF...WTF happened to Bisping??? how come the Americans got to view the British Trails...and the British DID NOT get to see the American??? so....Bisping knows NOTHING about the Americans...and Dan Henderson knows everything about the British...and yes...he was taking notes...

So already the UK is at a dissadvantage!
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