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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
so how can a poorly installed temperature limiter malfuntioning and tragically killing a vet, or yesterday post of a man killing his family be blamed on obama? is that not slander or libel then?

who knows if the vet installed it to save money? who knows if the company who hired the technician hired an unqualified tech? who knows if the man who killed his famly had serious mental issues ?
Nobody posted that Obama was involved. Doing so such as saying he was involved directly or indirectly would be libel and slander.

Let's say for example that Obama's energy legislation passes. An entire family in New York dies during winter 2010 because their power has been turned off. Then somebody tries to blame their deaths on Obama. That's libel and slander. You're trying to say the exact thing about Bush - that it's his fault Iraqi's and American's died because he declared war on Iraq. That's libel and slander! Do you understand the meaning now?

Besides, the topic of this thread is HYPOCRISY. Obama says we can't have our temperatures at 72 in our homes, yet, he's in an office that's much hotter. The man's power was limited in his home due to using too much energy, yet, Obama can keep his temperature high in the White House. It's hypocrisy and as President of the United States, he should be leading by example.
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