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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
That's like saying if a person was drunk drinking a Budweiser product, got into an accident, and killed a person, that it's the fault of Budweiser for having made the product.

Or, if a person gets into an accident driving 50 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone, a car pulls out in front of them and they're unable to stop in time, that it's the fault of the tire manufacturer because the tires failed to stop the car.

It's slander, it's libel, and complete BS. Any case like that would be immediately dismissed by a court. Or the case you're trying to make against Bush - it would be dismissed by a judge.
so how can a poorly installed temperature limiter malfuntioning and tragically killing a vet, or yesterday post of a man killing his family be blamed on obama? is that not slander or libel then?

who knows if the vet installed it to save money? who knows if the company who hired the technician hired an unqualified tech? who knows if the man who killed his famly had serious mental issues ?
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