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Originally Posted by NateR
I never thought I would agree with Penn and Teller on anything, but they're spot on here.
You should take a look at their expose on PETA as well. They exposed them very badly for the frauds they are. Penn & Teller are equal opportunity attackers.

I would say that I don't think President Obama is dumb enough to try to ban firearms during his Presidency, however his actions since getting inaugurated have proven to me that I've severely overestimated the man's intelligence.
Obama has been exposed as not a highly intelligent person and great speaker, but simply nothing more than a showman who can only perform under close supervision and coaching. His various gaffes, missteps and obvious disconnect with the real world are quickly making many wish they hadn't cast a ballot for him.

I wonder how that hope and change is working out for the people who voted for Obama...
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