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Its a whole lot easier to purchase a gun in an illegal manner. The people committing the crimes are not law-abiding citizens, did not purchase them legally to begin with, and no matter what laws are in place will continue to purchase them illegally.. It is not right for my rights to be infringed on because of the actions of a select few. This is how easy it is...

The night of the Kampmann/Condit fight I had to wait THREE days for a background check for a Marlin .22 I purchased. Just a little something to plink around and shoot groundhogs and cans with (cheap to shoot, too) but I had to wait THREE days in VA to get it. That is BS.. I recently bought a Sig p239 (for CC purposes) and the wait for that was one week. It used to be a simple background check here, and you were good to go. Seems like we are in for just another "change."

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