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Originally Posted by Jonlion
He likes to be warm in his office, fair enough, im sure you all want the best conditions for the man in charge of running the country.
In America, our leaders aren't treated like royalty, they are treated like public servants. I can understand the English mentality, though. You guys are used to a monarchy and are considered servants of the Queen. In the US, it's just the opposite, the government answers to the people, not the other way around.

Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Really, forget about the guy who died. Obama deliberately says we can't keep our homes at 72, yet he has the temperature well above 72. That's hypocrisy and as our President, he should be leading by example.
That's exactly the point, the WW2 vet who died is a tragic case; but should be treated as a isolated incident. If it had happened in Illinois, then you could make a case for Obama being partly responsible; but it was in Michigan and just shows a flaw in the system that Obama is touting.

The mentality he seems to have (we should be ready to sacrifice some comfort, but he shouldn't have to) just makes him seem a little elitist. Just because he got elected President doesn't make him better than the average American. If he expects us to do without in order to "save the environment," then he should set the example and be willing to do the same.
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