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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
I haven't any problems with the guy being warm, we all should be. However, Obama currently wants to pass legislation that does to every house and business in the U.S., exactly what happened to this old man - puts a limiter on their energy output. Meanwhile, Obama will have a nice cozy office while his energy legislation will force businesses to limit energy expenditures, thus, decreasing productivity (studies have proven productivity in certain temperature ranges) and people to freeze (to death in some cases) in their homes.

Furthermore, there was no malfunction of the machine. It did its' purpose - turning off the energy to the guy's house while the temperature was well below freezing outside.

Really, forget about the guy who died. Obama deliberately says we can't keep our homes at 72, yet he has the temperature well above 72. That's hypocrisy and as our President, he should be leading by example.
I appreciate that but then my old man always told me, Do as i say, not as i do!

ha ha And i didnt like that i guess!!!!!!!!!!
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